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I am a new patient at Sierra Dental, and Dr. Azizi. I do not like the dentist, any dentist! The folks at Sierra Dental understood my fears. They were professional, courteous, and kind. Not only they did they explain every step I needed, but worked with me on helping to fit everything into my budget. I was so impressed that I agreed to start my treatment the same day as my consultation! Great Dr, great staff. Highly recommend!!

Dorothy N.



Sierra dental care is very understanding and can help you with any tooth problem you have. Personally I love Sierra dental care and they helped me so much.

Christin F.



I am petrified of dentists and dental assistants.  I started going to Sierra Dental Care and have been comfortable ever since.  Susan is wonderful when she cleans my teeth.  She is very personable and just makes you feel comfortable.  I used to dread getting my teeth cleaned.  In the past, I hated my dentists and would stop going for months and years at a time over fear.  I go like clockwork to Sierra because I feel so comfortable. If I have to have any procedure, they give me medication so I can be unaware during the procedure.  I don't have to worry about anything.  Thank you.

Terri G.



Best dentist I have ever seen!  I went in for what I thought was a loose tooth. Turns out it was a fractured jaw!!  They had an oral surgeon on staff who put me back together. I have no pain or symptoms at all to this day!!  All of the Doctors here are amazing!!

Jeff M.



So happy with my experience with Sierra Dental!! I'm always very nervous about getting my teeth cleaned! The wonderful Dr. Sherry and her dental hygienist were very diligent in making sure I was comfortable. I even needed to have a filling completed and the whole process went amazingly well! I still cannot get over how effecting they all are! Additionally the ENTIRE staff is very friendly! So glad I found this facility!

Jennifer W.



It took a lot to finally convince my husband to finally go to the dentist.  After his first visit with Dr. Sherry, his fear of going to the dentist is over!  Myself, hubby and 6 yr. old son has been going to Sierra Dental for the over the past 5 years.  As a matter of fact, I always schedule my  son's appointment the same day and time as mines.  I always trust that he is in good hands. Dr. Sherry, Dr. Kamran and staff has been amazing! They not only give incredible service, but they are friendly as well.  

If your are looking for a great dentistry for your entire family, Sierra Dental is the place to go!!!


Tina J.




Well I just got back from having a deep scaling done, and I have to say that Dr. Azizi is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have a fear of dentists, he made me feel very special, he kept asking if I was ok and the only time I felt any discomfort, he stopped and gave me another shot. I can only say if you have a fear of dentists like I use to have this is the place for you to go. 

Every one in the office is really nice, and they care about your comfort and your piece of mind.
I have to have 6 teeth extracted and now I am not worried at all. In fact I can't wait to have the smile I always wanted. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a 15++++!!!
For anyone who has this fear. Do not go anywhere else. this office is the best there is.

P.S. I just got back from having 6 teeth extracted and I am sooooooooooo very HAPPY that I found this office. All the people are wonderful, loving and caring. If I had not found Dr. Azizi, all my teeth would have rotted out. I thank God every day for this man.


Darlyn Young


If you are afraid of dentists and have waited way too long to see one, then you need to go to see Drs. Kamran and Sherrie. Because of a bad dental experience and a health issue, I neglected my dental care for about 4 years. I received a flyer from Sierra Dental and I liked the credentials that were presented. On my first visit, two of my teeth were prepared for root canals. I sat down in the chair scared to death, I walked out feeling so secure that I had found a dentist that is gentle, humble, friendly, professional and very conscientious. They are not satisfied with mediocre work.
They are perfectionists and I like that. I will be keeping Drs. Kamran and Sherrie busy for awhile. But I am no longer in fear of the dental chair. (Sierra Dental's anyway). And good news, they are young so won't be retiring soon. The staff: Crystal, Cindy and Susan are an extension of the excellent care given by Drs. Kamran and Sherrie. I was lucky to find them.



Because of major fears of dentists, I had put off going to see a dentist for many years. That all changed when I went to Sierra Dental Care and met Dr. Kamran and Dr. (Sherry). From the very beginning, both of these caring dentists took so much time to talk to me and guide me through the major dental work that I was going to need. To start with, I was going to need to have 5 teeth pulled and a "partial" put in. Flash forward almost a year... due to my continued fears and crazy work schedule, it took me almost a year to finally make the appointment (and keep it!), and have the work done I so badly needed. Well, I'm happy to say, that thanks to Dr. Kamran, I survived! Through his very gentle and sensitive way, I had the 5 teeth pulled and I am now wearing the partial. He and Dr. (Sherry), as well as their staff, have been so patient and understanding with me, and now I can truly say, my fears have been wiped away. I can't say enough about how kind and caring these people have been with me. Drs. Kamran and (Sherry) are definitely one of a kind and I cannot say it enough, how thankful I am for the very first day I walked in their office.



I went to Sierra as part of my research to get a complete smile makeover. I knew what was involved and I was somewhat sensitive to price. I had 16 teeth done with veneers. This was no small job. They hit the right price point.

In thinking of Sierra the words "Professional", "State of the Art equipment", "friendly", "sensitive to patient concerns and fears", all come to mind.

I am a tough customer and sometimes hard to please. Being properly informed by the dentist as to what was going to happen made it easier. No surprises.

The staff reflects the owners. The best. Never waited for my appointment, they were right on time.

Their equipment is state of the art. This just makes the experience that much easier. I don't want any problems when I go to the dentist. I never got any here.

I went to them for the Veneers and now I will have my regular check-ups done by them.

I checked out several dentists because I was going to change my smile for life. They were the right choice.

One last comment about my dentist, Dr. (Sherry) - What a wonderful, highly trained and highly competent caring person.

Donald Miod


The team at this office are very friendly and helpful. I called with a cracked tooth that needed to be fixed, and they got me in immediately, started work without knowing exactly what my insurance covered, and went out of there way to make me comfortable. I hate going to the dentist, but this team makes the experience terrific. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing dental care.

Walt Doublestein



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