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Children Dentistry

A child’s first dental visit is the most important one. Many children remember their first visit for the rest of their lives. Our doctor and staff are trained to make children as comfortable as possible while treating their dental needs. It is very important for parents to take their children to the dentist as soon as their first few teeth erupt. Primary or baby teeth need to be cleaned to prevent decay. Primary teeth can initially be cleaned with a gauze to wipe the surfaces of the teeth. Infants should not be given a bottle (filled with milk, juice or other sweetened liquid) at night without cleaning the teeth either with a toothbrush or gauze. Otherwise, this can lead to baby bottle syndrome and can lead to multiple decayed teeth needing restorations. All children should see a dentist at least by age 3 to become familiar with the dental office and learn how to brush and floss their teeth by themselves. Since “baby teeth” have thinner enamel, they are more prone to decay and need additional attention. Although some children may not complain of sensitivity or pain, they may have decay on their primary teeth, and if left untreated the permanent teeth may be affected. We look forward to seeing the whole family in our office!

This video is all about Children Dentistry.


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